We rent bikes for rides on the Loire’s sides or its hills.


Camping la Guyonnière
49620 La Pommeraye

Tél :
02 41 77 89 56

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Camping La Guyonnière ’s pricelist

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Renting’s conditions for camping’s places or accomodations :

Every tenant must respect camping’s rules (which you can download at the bottom of this page)
Only hard barbecues present on the camping can be used for safety measures.
In our prices the unlimited and free entrance to the swimming-pool of the camping is included. The openings’ hours are sticked up at the reception of the camping. 

The pitches in the camping are available from 2.00 pm at your arrival and must be left at 12.00am the day of your departure.

For the payment, we accept payment in cash, card or by wire transfer (please contact us for having bank details).

Additional conditions for accomodations’ renting :

The renting is personnal and it is forbidden to subleave or give it up to someone else.

As soon as we receive the contract filled and signed with the deposit (which corresponds to 25% of the renting’s total amount) and at latest 8 days after the sending of the contract, we will consider the renting as effective.

The renting is concluded for the stay time mentioned in the contract. At the close of the stay the tenant cannot be allowed to stay in the renting.

The renting will be for the number of persons mentioned on the renting’s contract as followed.Check in after 4p.m and the check out latest at 10 a.m (6pm in case of late check-out validated by the campsite at the reservation).

The check in is generally Saturdays but according to the availabilities and seasons the check-in can be possible the other days.

In case of earlier check out or latest check in (regard to the dates mentioned in the contract) the whole amount of the stay will be invoiced you.

When you arrive we will ask you for the payment of 150€ as guarantee. It will be refunded after the stay to you after checking of renting’s cleanness and nondegradation. We would like to inform you that the cleaning at the end of the stay must be done by the tenant. So, the renting has to be very clean. If it is not the case, we will deduct 75€ minimum on your guarantee for the cleaning costs. As the guarantee do not play the insurance’s role it is better for you to check your insurance contract if an extension’s cover for holidays’ renting is included.

In case of one week’s booking (mobil-home, chalet or caravan) at least 3 months before stay’s date and whichever season, we put free at you two adults’ bikes’ disposal.

The customers who stay at the camping or in our accomodations grant a discount of 20% on the bikes’ renting.

We accept just one pet per renting.No pets allowed in the caravan, hut bivouac and caban family

 "Conformément à l'article L. 612-1 du code de la consommation, vous pouvez recourir gratuitement au service de médiation Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation de Conciliateurs de Justice.

Adresse : 14 rue saint Jean 75017 Paris

Représenté par son président Monsieur Alain Yung-Hing ayunghing@free.fr  ".

> download the internal rules

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